Monday, July 9, 2007

Singapore Fiesta 07-07-07

Singapore Fiesta 07-07-2007 at Orchard Road, Ngee Nan City (around 2 pm ++, no one there , the events havnt started yet)

Bleach cosplayers


I also dont noe who they are cosplaying as... hehehehe

Tidus & Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Kingdom Heart

Kingdom Heart

Kingdom Heart

A "angel" character from some manga?

Hell Sing

Robot Girl???


At around 4 pm ++, beside the Fiesta tents, on the Orchard Main Road, there is this group of Star War masked soldier giving brouchures , then got a lot of people stop by to take photo with them.

Among all the white one, there is this shorter and cuter black one...

A young kid approached one of them to take photo

This one saw me and position himself to let me had a photo of him.

Woo.. 2 pretty girl dresses up as characters in "sakura ...." hmmm, I didnt manage to catch the name , sorry...

Last but no least at around 6.30pm ++ , the guest of honor of the Fiesta , Mr Lee arrived and started to give a speech.