Monday, July 9, 2007

Shocking News, the "Yin Yang fish" dish

News from 08/07/2007 chinese newspaper "Lianhe Wan Bao". This is a very very cruel dish, I know that the chinese is very cruel sometime when they treated the animal of their food source, but this is a bit too much le....

In taiwan, a chef went to china and learned a dish from a cooking master. The dish is call "Yin Yang Yu" or in english is Yin Yang fish. To cook the dish, the chef will wrap a cloth around a fish's head and hold it, then drip the lower part or the tail part of the fish into hot boiling oil and deep fly it. At this point of time, the fish is still not dead yet , still stuggling with it's head being hold still by the chef. After a while the lower part of the fish is cooked, the chef put it on a plate and quickly serve to the customers while the head part of the fish is still ALIVE!; opening and shutting it;s mouth for air.