Sunday, December 23, 2007

冬至 : 搓湯圓!

來阿,來阿, 冬至lo, 搓湯圓 lo!

Me helping out my mother to make 湯圓
(I only did the 搓湯圓 part, my mum prepare the dough, the soup and the cooking )

The main ingredient : flour

then mix the flour with some with water at a the correct ratio

after mixing with the water, we got this, a flour dough

then get some food colouring powder
(in this case , it is red/pink colouring, our family's tradition)

the split the dough into 2 pieces, mix 1 piece well with the red/pink colouring

now the "搓" part can begin , cut the dough into little cubes and roll


another view of the 湯圓

another view of the 湯圓

then get some pandan leaves and tied them into a knot,
so that later is easier to take out from the soup.

put the tied pandan leaves into a pot of boiling water and boil it.

then add in some brown/red sugar and also add in the
normal suger because the brown/red sugar is not very sweet.
Then boil the pot of soup for 10 minutes

the final step is to add in the 湯圓 into the soup and boil for around 5 minutes.

Finally the end product!