Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"charity" this word has new meaning in singapore ....

"charity" this word has new meaning in singapore

Source from chinese newspaper
"Lian He Wan Bao" on 12/09/2007

the acticles is talking about donation raised from the public are given to the Zoo and night safari
as a contribution to conserve "Wildlife".
Then the donaters after knowing this , start to complain, they said the zoo every year is making profit and still need to raise donation from the public. And some of the donators didnt knew that part of their donation were given the Zoo......

Last time before the NKF thingy , i always donate kindly to any charity cause i believe this will help those people who need aid

Then after the NKF thingy, i will always think first who do i donate to before i donate.

And now after this article, i will never ever donate again... we are a first-world-class country , how can we let this happen!?